Focus Groups

Virtual workshop event facilitated by HM Focus and our internal behavioural psychologist team.

Have you ever thought what makes your customer purchase from you or your competitors? Our Focus Workshops look at the science behind customer decision making, what motivates them to engage with and use your products or services, and how marketing and customer psychology insight can make your business the most attractive option

We can facilitate a physical or virtual workshop session with a select group of potential customers and other existing clients. These sessions are jointly run with our team of organisational psychologists and behavioural neurogenetecists. Our team have worked both locally and internationally with accounting and legal firms, as well as Fortune 500 brands.

Following each session, you will receive a detailed customer profile and sales kit. These kits will help fuel your new or existing marketing and sales strategies, and further training sessions can be run with your sales team. 

HM Focus has strict internal governance framework to mitigate any risk of conflict of interest. HM Focus will only ever work with one supplier per industry, meaning we will never work on competing programs. HM Focus can also be engaged on a retainer basis ensuring you have us locked in to work exclusively with your business.  

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    Organisational Psychology and Behavioural Insights


    HM Focus believe in working alongside our customers and drawing upon our experience to provide you with a holistic approach to your marketing strategy. The addition of focus groups can add a competitive edge to your program and help you win new business.


    “Back in 2019 we lost a tender to a large competitor and we’d seen in passing a copy of their high spec glossy tender documents. We knew we had to start competing at another level. We engaged HM Focus to create a new professional tender pack, they turned around in just 4 days which was amazing – it’s helped us separate ourselves from our competitors. We’ve since gone on to win more tenders, more frequently”


    “I would have no hesitation recommending HM Focus to assist with tenders, they helped us successfully pitch for one of our largest clients to date. The tender pack was developed together using our content but made to look sharp. We now compete on some of the largest insurance tenders in the country without feeling like we’re on of the small guys”


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